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школа в Италии
преподователь языка классы языка учебная аудитория учитель языка

The experienced teachers, an individual way of teaching of every student and the highest quality of a service - there are our main principles, which are used in our work. "Studying While Traveling", - this is the name's translation of our school." The school is located in Terni, the city, which is located in the center of Italy.

удобная мебель школа итальянского языка учебные аудитории школы

The classes are organized both in the audiences and in other places. We can also organize a personal program of a course according to a wish of a student. The dates of the beginning, quantity of hours and the continuance of a course are depending on the choice and wish of a student. A course can be also organized even with one student. That is why the course is individual in most cases. At school, all of the courses are organized while paying a lot of attention on the language level of a client. Those who have the group lessons and also those who have the individual ones, have an assistant-consultant also in extracurricular time. The lectures are conducted by qualified teachers, who are native speakers. The list of the courses and the cost for group lessons you can find here. The individual price of a course has an additional cost of 100 EUR per 1 week.

ASSISTANT: The first 2-3 days an assistant helps a student with an adaptation period. He/she helps to make some purchases, shows where the places and institutions are located, which our gests can need while living in the city. We offer the mobile card to our guests in order to communicate with each other. If tourists would like to have an assistant with more characteristics as was already mentioned (native speakers of some language etc.), the price for one hour is 10 EUR.

The method which we prefer is communicative one. It is based on the spontaneous conversation. Our material is original, modern, specialized on the student requirements, and developing with every day.

One of the advantages to live and study in the city is that Terni is a modern city, which is full of life and secure at the same time. Students adopt the life of the city very fast, because people are very open minded and friendly there. Rome is located one our away from Terni.

Students live in the well done apartments. If a person wants to live alone, he/she has to pay 80 EUR extra. The room for 2 people is also offered.

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Studiare Viaggiando

Виале делла Стационе, 27 05100 Терни (ТР) Италия

Телефон: +39 3338 639422