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  карта Италии
  learn Italian language спецпредложение Traveling  

In a class, during a walk, in a train, shop, during a dinner with Italian family: "Studying While Traveling", - this is the name's translation of our school."

If you have a basic level of Italian, our school will teach you the speaking Italian language just for two weeks. If you want to improve your knowledge and increase the level of Italian, there is nothing better but to live in a small and cozy city as Terni, which is located in the center of Italy.

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  • We will make your wishes to come true! - this is our principle of work in the tourism.

    Studiare Viaggiando will organize a trip for you by substandard, individual program, which, first of all, will meet your expectations, needs, habits and wishes. You will be able to spend a week-end in the luxurious beaches or in a farm, a week in camping or in the five stars hotel, a vacation with not forgettable feelings, while having an extreme sport or sailing on the sea. If you need a car we will organize the lease for you. If you prefer to travel by train, we will order the tickets for you. If you feel uncomfortable not understanding the Italian, our assistant will help you. The trips to Italy with Studiare Viaggiando are of the highest quality service and pleasant memories for the rest of your life!


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